“Sechswand” is an audio-visual installation based on a geometrical sculpture, optical illusions and sound. The projection of various geometrical structures onto a sculpture of cubes results in a visual work of art, which constantly plays with the perception of the viewer. This is supported by abstract sounds and completes the audio visual composition.


        – Nowohutskie Centrum Kultury 03.10 -05.10.2015 Krakow (Poland)

– Bahnhof Langstadt, 25.09.2015 Langstadt (Germany)

– ZKM (Zentrum für Kultur und Medientechnologie) 25.06.2015 – 28.06.2015, Karlsruhe (Germany)

– Galeria Opcja 08.06.2014 – 15.06.2014, Krakow (Poland)

– Audioart Festival 2014, Krakow (Poland)

– Galeria Spokojna 12.2014 – 08.01.2015 , Warszawa (Poland)