Symmetric Nature is an immersive audio-visual production presented at the Fulldome Festival 2014 at the Planetarium in Jena. Symmetric Nature plays with properties of technique and nature. The visitor is placed into an abstract collage of natural and synthetic sounds whereby the borders between technique and nature are getting blurry. Real recordings come up on synthetic sounds. The technique arises of the nature and is part of it.

This was a collaborative Project realized together with Paul Schengber who was responsible for 360° projection which was realized in totally in VVVV. My part was the production and mixdown of spatial sound composition. Realized in collaboration with the Frauenhofer institute at the SatialSoundWave Studio in Illmenau. A big thanks goes out to Felix Deufel for his help with the mixdown.

Stereo Version of the Fulldome Mixdown

Denim Szram – Symetric Nature