The title “SzkicTon” is made up of the polish word “Szkic” which means sketch and the German word “Ton” which means sound. Like the title suggests this project has the aim to combine drawing with sound. In collaboration with Patrycja Maksylewicz, we combined forces and developed an unique performance combining our resources. To realize this concept we used small robotic devices which are transmitting a virtual drawing from a touchpad and draw it on real paper. Furthermore this robotic devices are connected to contact mics which record the sounds while drawing. This sounds are edited and effected in real time and send on an eight channel speaker setup to get an immersive sound experience. The visual level of the performance consists of two video projections. One projection is a live recording of the drawing robots from the top. The second projection is an abstract visualization made by a video microscope which is fixed on the robot as well. This audio visual combination completes the performance and clarifies the concept.


– AudioArt Festival, 20.11.2014, Krakow (Poland)

– Galeria Spokojna 12.2014 – 08.01.2015 , Warszawa (Poland)

– Swieta Krowa 16.01.2015, Krakow (Poland)

Recording from AudioArt Festival 2014